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FileLICENSE            [source] [504 lines]   
FileREADME             [source] [82 lines]    
Fileindex.html         [source] [1 lines]     
Fileord.php            [source] [92 lines]    
Filestr_ireplace.php   [source] [80 lines]    
Filestr_pad.php        [source] [57 lines]    
Filestr_split.php      [source] [35 lines]    
Filestrcasecmp.php     [source] [26 lines]    
Filestrcspn.php        [source] [41 lines]    
Filestristr.php        [source] [38 lines]    
Filestrrev.php         [source] [22 lines]    
Filestrspn.php         [source] [41 lines]    
Filesubstr_replace.php [source] [24 lines]    
Filetrim.php           [source] [68 lines]    
Fileucfirst.php        [source] [34 lines]    
Fileucwords.php        [source] [44 lines]    
Fileutf8.php           [source] [74 lines]    This is the dynamic loader for the library. It checks whether you have the mbstring extension available and includes relevant files on that basis, falling back to the native (as in written in PHP) version if mbstring is unavailabe. It's probably easiest to use this, if you don't want to understand the dependencies involved, in conjunction with PHP versions etc. At the same time, you might get better performance by managing loading yourself. The smartest way to do this, bearing in mind performance, is probably to "load on demand" - i.e. just before you use these functions in your code, load the version you need.

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